Allograft BioWash™
Allograft Tissue Pre-Wash Treatment








Sterilization Device

BioWash™ Biologic Pre-Treatment System

Preparing allografts and other biological products for final terminal sterilization can be daunting. Validating these processes can prove time-consuming and expensive. The BioWash™ system is validated and used commercially for over a decade in the tissue banking field. This process has passed inspections by the AATB, FDA, and all applicable State agencies.  The process is packaged for single donor processing of cortical bone and soft tissue providing complete reagent traceability and cost control. Pre-treatment steps include:


  • Phase I   Pre-Treatment Process
  • Phase II  Proprietary Formulation of H2O2 for Bone & Soft Tissue
  • Phase III Proprietary Formulation Final Treatment for Soft Tissue
Sterilization Device
PreShaped Achilles

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