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The Problem

The commercial cannabis industry is dealing with age-old threats in the form of biological contamination such as fungus and bacteria.  These threats place the industry at risk of overwhelming financial losses, in addition, potentially providing contaminated products that could pose a serious health risk to patients and consumers. 

The Organic Solution

The BOX™ is a terminal sterilization system specifically formulated for commercial cannabis professionals.  Products are packaged then sterilized during production to provide a decontaminated finished product. 

The BOX™ does not impact the original properties of cannabis such as THC, CBD or Terpenes but does offering microbial decontamination of;  fungi, bacteria & viruses in a 9-25 minute cycle (depending on load type).   Specifically formulated for cannabis, The BOX™ ensures safe products for consumers.

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Fresh, Safe, Pure - The BOX™

A Green Technology

A green technology for a green product. The Reactive Oxygen (rO) process is the perfect decontamination system for cannabis with a zero ecological footprint.

Validated Performance

Validated to medical device standards, The BOX™ process is validated to remove dangerous microbial contamination that has been known to cause serious illness and death. 

Preserves Chemical Properties

The BOX™ Reactive Oxygen (rO) process is so gently is has not effect on THC, CBD or Terpenes. 

Establish a Known Shelf-life

Have confidence in your cannabis products by certifying shelf-life expiration dates for microbial deactivation and freshness.

Powdery Mildew?

Powdery mildew can destroy crops and overall yields, our process will remove and eliminate the harmful effects of mycotoxin-producing fungus and reverse powdery mildew.

Certified Pure Cannabis

Certify your cannabis products to be free of harmful elements such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Offer "Top-Shelf" product option for consumers.

Concern over Contaminated Cannabis Products

As Featured In

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