Cannabis Scientist

The Problem

The commercial cannabis industry is dealing with age-old threats in the form of biological contamination such as fungus and bacteria.  These threats place the industry at risk of providing contaminated products that could pose a serious health risk to both recreational users and immunocompromised patients. 

The Organic Solution

The BOX™ is a terminal sterilization system specifically designed for commercial cannabis professionals.  Products are packaged then sterilized during production to provide a decontaminated finished product. 

The BOX™ does not affect the original properties of cannabis such as THC, CBD or Terpenes but does offering microbial decontamination of;  fungi, bacteria & viruses in a 17-minute cycle.   Specifically formulated for cannabis, The BOX™ ensures safe products for consumers.

Sterilization Device

Fresh, Safe, Pure - The BOX™

A Green Technology

A green technology for a green product. The Reactive Oxygen (rO) process is the perfect decontamination system for cannabis with a zero ecological footprint.

Validated Performance

Validated to medical device standards, The BOX™ process is validated to remove dangerous microbial contamination that has been known to cause serious illness and death. 

Preserves Chemical Properties

The BOX™ Reactive Oxygen (rO) process is so gently is has not effect on THC, CBD or Terpenes. 

Establish a Known Shelf-life

Have confidence in your cannabis products by certifying shelf-life expiration dates for microbial deactivation and freshness.

Powdery Mildew?

Powdery mildew can destroy crops and overall yields, our process will remove and eliminate the harmful effects of mycotoxin-producing fungus and reverse powdery mildew.

Certified Pure Cannabis

Certify your cannabis products to be free of harmful elements such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Offer "Top-Shelf" product option for consumers.

Concern over Contaminated Cannabis Products

Fungus In Medical Marijuana

Eyed As Possible Cause In California Man’s Death

- CBS News Report

Cannabis Fungi

Marijuana can be covered in

pesticides, fungi, and mold — even if it's legal

- Business Insider News Report

Cannabis Bud

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