Sterilization Device

Powerful Sterilization

Validated using the overkill method, the LSflex100 proves to be a powerful sterilization device with ultra low temperatures. 

Intelligent Sterilization

Originally developed for use with Transplant Tissue Allografts the  LSflexsterilization device is a low temperature (18ºC - 39ºC) Reactive Oxygen (rO) Sterilization Technology which provides a green, cost-effective, energy efficient, rapid, and terminal sterilization solution for allograft tissue, botanicals and standard instruments and supplies.

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Available Sizes:

50 Liter  •  100 Liter  •  200 Liter •  Custom Sizes


Gentle yet powerful decontamination of botanicals including; cannabis, spice, herbs

  • Decontamination of fungi, bacteria, and viruses
  • Establish known shelf life for products
  • Provide a "Certified Green" product to consumers
  • Limit liability by decontaminated products


With a portable bench-top footprint. Using the Company's proprietary PuroPulse technology, a novel Diffusion Process, in combination with our PuroGent® line of intelligent consumables, the LSflex100 provides a landmark single unit solution with a validated and non-irradiated sterilization process for Cortical, Cancellous and Soft Tissue allografts.

  • Pre-validated with IQ/OQ documentation
  • Decontamination/Allograft pre-wash available (or use your own)
  • Pre-measured, easy number process
  • QA/QC preferred method


In addition to Biologics and Botanical sterilization, the LSflex100 provides a full range of instrument sterilization solutions including:

  • Lumen, non-lumen instruments
  • Recovery kits
  • Processing kits
  • Cleanroom specialty instruments
    *bone mill parts, drills, vices, heat sensitive tools
  • Plastics
  • Packaging

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